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POWERLAND Technologies Co. attended the 18th China International Industry Fair held in Shanghai in 2016.11.01~05, and in the exhibition, we showed our professionalization and branding, and the newest solutions and the products are popular with customers. This exhibition has become the important platform for the information-exchange between the POWERLAND and customers.


Our staff communicated with the audiences and showed them the features and advantages of our products by explanation and illustration. We analyzed to the needs of the professional audiences and provided our solutions, and they showed their cooperative purpose after knowing well about our products.

EtherCAT bus motion controller, the newest product invented by GALIL, with the features such as long-distance, multi-motor, wiring-saving, multi-task and so on, can help users to have a better choice in many kinds of complex motion control occasion.


The motion mechanism “double-drive linear motor in gantry mode" is very popular with audiences.


The control platform "the dedicated HMI for motion controllers ", with the features such as well portable, high reliability and high innovation, which is also popular with audiences.

The main products we showed in this exhibition are:

1. GALIL's whole series Motion Controllers

The latest EtherCAT 1~32 axes motion controller DMC52xx0

The stand-alone 4 axes motion controller DMC-C640

The stand-alone multi-axes motion controllers: DMC21X3DMC41X3, DMC40X0DMCB140

The PCI Bus motion controllers: DMC18X2DMC18X6

2. POWERLAND Special CNC Systems

PNC2000GC CNC Systems for Shaped Glass Automatic Cutting

PNC2000GE CNC Systems for Shaped Glass Automatic Edging Machine

PNC2000LC CNC Systems for Fiber Laser Cutting

PNC2000DS CNC Systems for Multi-component Dispensing machine

PNC2000MP 1~8 axes CNC Development Platforms.

POWERLAND Technologies Co., adhering to the pursue of objectivity, diligence, innovation, self-developing, and we have devoted ourselves to the research and product development about CNC technology and motion control, and the complete solutions. We hope for the brilliant future of the motion control industry by cooperating with each other, and hope POWERLAND to become the world-famous brand.

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