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 Many CNC machines like tempering furnace, edging, washing, hollow, sealing compound and so on, are all standardized, but as the reason of high speed, high precision and difficult control, glass cutting machine has long been known as the most difficult to operate, the problem is that the domestic glass cutting machine research started late, the market recognition is not high, so the clients who want to buy the glass cutting machine don't know how to choose correctly considering the stability and precision.

Today, with the rising labor cost, especially the demand of product's precision is higher and higher, manufacturing industry will pay more attention to safety, automatic level, quality and efficiency, the totally artificial work will be replaced by the automatic glass cutting machine, and trend is extending from large manufacturing firm to the little and middle manufacturing firm.

As a developing company, how to choose a glass cutting machine?

1. Function: the machine has the functions like pressure adjusting, shaped graphics scanninglimitation of tool down, and so on?

2. Selection: Choose the right machine according to your own demand, for example, the type and size of the glass you want to cut.

3. Precision: Choose the right machine according to your own demand, don't only trust the manual, you need to see the practical operation.

4. Speed: Only the overall performance and compatibility of the system is good, the effect of cutting can be satisfactory.

5. Shaped graphics optimization and nesting: The degree of optimization decides the effect of cutting, and the artificial optimization is an important index to show the advancement of the system.

6. Mechanical part: To realize the stability and precision of the system, the rationality of the mechanical design and installation is an important factor. You need to be sure the mechanical flatness and the parallelism of rails both sides. How to prevent the distortion of the machine and the function of mechanical calibration are the important factor in the checking of the mechanical parts.

There are almost 10 domestic automatic glass cutting machine companies, but most of them are not sophisticated, so you need to be careful when you want to buy the automatic glass cutting machine, more thinking and more investigation is needed before buying.

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