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 The 26th China International Glass Exhibition lasted 5 days from 2015.5.19~23, is held in China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing Shunyi, and we take the opportunity to communicate with all the audiences about the developing direction and the brilliant future of the glass industry.

The CNC system development platform is the main products we want to show audience, such as PNC2000 series (the special CNC system), PNC2000GC (CNC Systems for Shaped Glass Cutting), PNC2000PC (CNC system for Plasma/Flame Cutting), and so on. And the other new products we showed audiences, such as DMC-C640, DMC-C640A, DMC-2183-BOX, DMC-4183-BOX,

DMC-B140-BOX, and so on, are all cost-effective, and we hope all the clients can know more about our products.


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